Kaffe and Swing

Peter C. Mehlitz peter at transvirtual.com
Tue Aug 4 10:05:44 PDT 1998


>into the classpath but JAVA_HOME defined. That env var doesn't really
>seem to make sence in the Kaffe world.

>  In the meantime I'd be interested to hear "war" stories from other
>people who are futsing with Swing and Kaffe. 
"War" is the right word. Lots of "under the hood" incompatibilities (not the
easy-to-fix peer thing, but subtle things with addNotify()/removeNotify(),
deprecated implementation methods, SwingGraphics etc.). It is amazing to see how
much incompatibilities you can have even when you fulfill the specs (which are
simply not enough to make swing run).

Since several people are interested in this, let me propose the following: we
do an initial patch to get the basic compatibility, and then I will post a
message to the list so that you can take over and look at all the missing bits..
I just want to get an idea about the impact of swing-patches to the rest of the
AWT (since several changes will affect performance).

Our initial guess was to have the first swing demos running by end of this
week, but I think this was somewhat too optimistic.

-- Peter

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