1.1 api compatibility

Bart Locanthi bart at sabl.com
Thu Aug 6 12:02:11 PDT 1998

is there a kaffe api reference doc?

i have a substantial body of code i wanted to test out with kaffe, but
got many errors in apparent contradiction to the 1.1 api.

here's a list from my first compile batch:

function getFocusOwner() not found in class java.awt.Window
constructor ParseException(java.lang.String, int) is not public in class
java.text.ParseException; cannot be accessed from outside package
warning: function resume() in class java.lang.Thread has been deprecated

warning: function suspend() in class java.lang.Thread has been

eg, Window.getFocusOwner() *does* exist in 1.1,
ParseException.ParseException() *is* public, Thread.resume() and
Thread.suspend() have *not* been deprecated..

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