Core dump abort()

Godmar Back gback at
Fri Aug 7 13:53:49 PDT 1998

> I recently upgraded my local version of kaffe to today's snapshot
> and am getting this stack backtrace with a "standard" CLASSPATH
> and LD_LIBRARY_PATH.  My environment is FreeBSD 3.0.

 What is a "standard" CLASSPATH?

Just as when using Sun's JDK, you do need to set CLASSPATH anymore.
Unlike in Sun's JDK, if you set it, you must include Klasses.jar
because the script will not append it (fixes for that problem have
been posted to this list and will hopefully soon be integrated.)

LD_LIBRARY_PATH is set by the kaffe script that invokes the Kaffe

Contrary to what I just said, some people have reported that Kaffe 
requires a CLASSPATH if you don't give the --prefix option during configure.
(I always give a --prefix option; and you can always use --prefix=/usr/local)

	- Godmar

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