hotjava with kaffe-1.0.b1on linux RedHat i486

SCHEIBLIN Dominique CNET/DTL/GRE dominique.scheiblin at
Fri Aug 14 08:19:32 PDT 1998


We have successfully compiled kaffe-1.0.b1, and all tests are ok.

We try running hotjava with kaffe-1.0.b1 :

	we have added into Klasses.jar
	sun's package

	after exec hotjava's shell , we have the followings message :

	exec /home/scheibdo/Kaffe-1.0.b1/bin/kaffe -ms4m -mx32m
	-Djava.home=/home/scheibdo/Kaffe-1.0.b1 sunw.hotjava.Main

	Segmentation fault

	and in the logfile :

	Unknown flag: -ms4m 
	Unknown flag: -mx32m
	[Starting HotJava]
	[Initializing globals]
	(verboses's options didn't help us) 

Our questions :

1. what about minimum and maximum size's  memory ?
2. is the jdb avalaible ? ( with this version  : no ! we are sure ! )
3. is it possible to run hotjava whith kaffe  ?


Dominique Scheiblin

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