compiling Kaffe for win32 !

David Smith dsmith at
Fri Aug 14 13:20:49 PDT 1998

Nicolas THOMAS wrote:
> Is it possible to compile with VC++ ... I have excellent reasons to want to
> do it.

Aside from the fact that awt is not available on win32 (as far as I
know), kaffe can't be compiled with MSVC without a lot of modifications.
All inline assembler would have to use MSVC's __asm{} instead of gcc's
asm().  Other parts that are not directly portable are directory
listings, sockets (I think), exception handling (at least on NT), and
some include files.

Another problem (IMO the hardest part) would be to get the thread
system going.  Win32 doesn't have an UNIX-style alarm()-function,
so either you must find a way to implement an alarm that suits Kaffe
or replace jthreads with native win32 threads.  (OTOH, the threading
system seems to be designed to be interchangable, so maybe it's not
so much work to just replace it after all.)

I had some thoughts of doing this myself, so if anyone has any
suggestions on how to do this I would be glad to hear them!

David Smith (to reply, replace xxx with algonet)

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