WIN-NT install probs.

David Smith dsmith at
Sun Aug 16 10:45:41 PDT 1998

[Second attempt.  The last one didn't seem to reach the list -- probably
because I used a foney address.  Sorry if you see this twice.]

Kumanan Yogaratnam wrote:
> ar cr libkaffevm.a.1.00 code.o lookup.o external.o constants.o
> classMethod.o readClass.o findInJar.o baseClasses.o object.o itypes.o
> gc.o gc-mem.o thread.o locks.o support.o soft.o string.o verify.o
> code-analyse.o exception.o stackTrace.o jar.o inflate.o debug.o jni.o
> md.o  basecode.o constpool.o funcs.o icode.o labels.o registers.o
> slots.o machine.o seq.o


> ./kaffevm/libkaffevm.a(jni.o): In function Kaffe_DetachCurrentThread':
> //e/kaffe/kaffe-1.0.b1/kaffe/kaffevm/jni.c:3410: undefined reference
> to `Kaffe_ThreadInterface'

[more "undefined reference to Kaffe_ThreadInterface" deleted]

There are definitely people on the list that know more about this
than I do, but, anyway, here is my suggestion:

For some reason you don't have internal.o or jthreads.o in the 
argument list to ar when building libkaffevm.  Kaffe_ThreadInterface
is declared in internal.c, so this could explain the "undefined
reference" error.

Which object files are given to ar in the makefile is defined by
the variable $(OBJECT) = $(COMMON) $(THREAD) $(ENGINE_OBJECTS)... 
In your case, it seems like $(THREAD) is empty.  I have no
suggestion to why, but I know $(THREAD) should be defined by including
kaffe/kaffevm/system/unix-jthreads/Makefile.frag into the makefile,
so maybe there is a problem with configure not building the makefile

David Smith (to reply, replace xxx with algonet)

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