WIN-NT install probs.

Kumanan Yogaratnam kumanan at
Mon Aug 17 10:36:16 PDT 1998

> For some reason you don't have internal.o or jthreads.o in the
> argument list to ar when building libkaffevm.  Kaffe_ThreadInterface
> is declared in internal.c, so this could explain the "undefined
> reference" error.

you are the man, i used
	.configure --prefix=c:/kaffe
and it fixed that one problem.

i've never had to hack so much, but after a lot of work (before the
problem i posted and after your fix) it compiled!!! 3 cheers.

needless to say i am very unhappy that i had to go in and make changes
to the source to get here.  wassup with that?

now i have a new problem: runtime problem.  when i run javac i get this

bash-2.01$ javac
(C:\kaffe\bin\kaffe.exe 1105) Exception: STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION
(C:\kaffe\bin\kaffe.exe 1105) Dumping stack trace to kaffe.exe.core

i have also some other concerns.  in the file
there are entries that do no correspond to the entries in the sources in
this dir;  some of the methods are even missing (case in point:

since i'm new to the list, i am not sure this (and other source) issues
have been mentioned before.  my question is: is there a better archive
with correct sources??  cos some of the changes i made had nothing to do
with the platform i'm building on.


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