java.awt.widget.*.java belong to "package java.awt"

Pavel.Roskin at Pavel.Roskin at
Thu Aug 20 12:31:37 PDT 1998


Can anybody explain me why files in libraries/javalib/java/awt/widgets
contain directive "package java.awt;"
Why not java.awt.widgets? Is it made intentionally? If not, it should be
I think that all the files from java/awt/widget directory must be moved to
java/awt. Look at - it doesn't import java.awt.widgets.*
but uses some classes which sources are currently there, for example
Otherwise it will be difficult to rebuild the library each time as sources
are changed, because Pizza compiler puts compiled classes based on
"package" directive, so "make" or some other utility which keeps the
library up-to-date will never say "Nothing to be done for `all'"

Pavel Roskin <pavel.roskin at>

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