Some improvements for nakeJava script

Pavel.Roskin at Pavel.Roskin at
Thu Aug 20 11:46:28 PDT 1998


I have made following changes in libraries/javalib/makeJava script:
1) It is now possible to specify "all" to rebuild all classes found in java
and kaffe subdirectories
2) New directories (where *.class should go) are created if they don't
3) If some error happens we try to compile remaining files
4) If the compiler reports no error, but resulting file is not created,
exit with fatal error (and show package name which is probably incorrect).
5) Summary information is displayed when the script finishes
6) Default dstdir is "lib" instead of "."
7) ".java" is stripped only from the end of filenames
8) Many minor renicements, mostly for better configurablility and better
srcdir support.
Note: this script _will_ fail for java.awt.widget.* because they have
incorrect "package" directive.
Patch follows.

Pavel Roskin <pavel.roskin at>

(See attached file: kaffe-mj.diff)
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