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  I just wanted to answer this:

> Second question; does kaffe support native threads? Are there plans to
> make it do this? Like the OpenGroup jdk for linux?

  I have a running version of kaffe 0.10 with native threads on linux.
Many things had to be changed in this source. 

  The goals of this implementation were :
     1) Add ability to use native threads
     2) Change the minimum in the kaffe source
     3) Maintain the modularity of the code (avoid that modules snoop
        other modules information)
     4) Provide as much portability as possible

  I'm finnishing my degree so I don't have much time to upgrade the
implementation to kaffe 1.0 and I need to do a bit of cleanup before
releasing even a set of patches for kaffe 0.10. I'm targeting this
release to September.
  BTW, At the time of this implementation there was no gdb support for
linux threads so the code is heavily charged with printf's for debug.
I've figured a format for the debugging output so tell me if you want
me to keep it in the printf's. Here it goes:


  aaaaaaaa is the native ID of the thread, bbbbb is the module of the
code where the
print is being done, ccccc is the function and ddddd is the relevant
information for debug.

  Here is an example:

    [00000801]:ClassLoader:LoadClass:Method is OK

Hope to get any feedback,
Luis Reis
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