Problems... && native threads

Marko Rauhamaa marko at
Thu Aug 20 23:24:34 PDT 1998

> I got Kaffe1.0.b1 from the transvirtual site and after I unpacked on
> my RedHat 5.1 system (CLASSPATH pointing to the java base classes,
> KAFFEHOME set correctly etc) I got a segmentation fault after running
> a basic 'hello world' app... After I type KAFFE hello, I have to wait
> for quite a while and then it finally it comes up with 'segfault'.
> Would could be wrong and how do i go about debugging the problem?

I've got RedHat 4.2 and I used to have the same problem. If I remember
right, RedHat 4.2 came with a version of Kaffe and later I installed
another version but to no avail.

The solution was to compile Kaffe from the sources, which succeeded
without a glitch.


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