Success with current CVS on MIPS SGI Irix 6.3

Stefan Burstroem f94sbu at
Wed Aug 26 14:29:52 PDT 1998

In article <199808261956.MAA23374 at> you wrote:
>That *seems* to make sense, but IMHO it really doesn't.

No, actually it does.

>By that argument, pizza.jar should also be in the repository
>(which it is already, yuk).

>And continuing this logic, so should gcc, and libc, and ...

>At some point you have to assume a minimum "build environment".

Yes, but not all of us have a fully working environment. I don't have
enough memory to rebuild all class files and if I had, I am not even sure
they would pass the compilation.
I'd be very happy if I could download the latest klasses.jar from the

regards, Stefan Burstroem

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