Problems with Kaffe

Sami Tikka sami.tikka at
Sat Aug 29 14:53:44 PDT 1998


I've got problems with Kaffe. I'd like to get some help. Is this a good
place to ask? I haven't received any messages from the kaffe list since
joining it a few days ago, so this list seems a little dead...

I have a couple of Java classes that worked fine with Kaffe 0.1.0 and
they work with JDK 1.1.5 and 1.1.6, so I believe they are ok. But with
Kaffe 1.0 b1 they fail miserably. Who should I report the bugs?

Is Kaffe 0.1.0 still available somewhere? If 1.0 b1 isn't fixed soon,
I'd like to downgrade to 0.1.0 because it worked better for me than the
new version.

Sami Tikka

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