Problems with Kaffe

Godmar Back gback at
Sat Aug 29 16:07:31 PDT 1998

 Hi Sami,

> I've got problems with Kaffe. I'd like to get some help. Is this a good
> place to ask? I haven't received any messages from the kaffe list since
> joining it a few days ago, so this list seems a little dead...

 make sure you're really on the list.  The list is usually pretty active,
including the last couple of days.  And yes, this is the place to post 

> I have a couple of Java classes that worked fine with Kaffe 0.1.0 and
> they work with JDK 1.1.5 and 1.1.6, so I believe they are ok. But with
> Kaffe 1.0 b1 they fail miserably. Who should I report the bugs?

 For now to this list, and also to kaffe-bugs at

> Is Kaffe 0.1.0 still available somewhere? If 1.0 b1 isn't fixed soon,
> I'd like to downgrade to 0.1.0 because it worked better for me than the
> new version.

 I suspect the problems stem from the new libraries.
You have three choices:

a) If your problems lie in serialization etc., use Sun's*
   classes by unzipping the java/io/ directory and placing it in your
   classpath first.

b) Downgrade.  To downgrade, what you do is to checkout the last CVS
   version before 1.0b1.  Use this tag:   D98.
   (I think "cvs checkout -D98. kaffe" should do the trick
   if your CVSROOT is set and you're logged in)

c) Fix the problems and submit your fixes!

	- Godmar

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