JDK 1.2 security manager for Kaffe?

Vijay Saraswat vj at research.att.com
Tue Aug 4 16:11:21 PDT 1998

   Date: Tue, 04 Aug 1998 13:24:23 -0400
   From: Dan Wallach <dwallach at CS.Princeton.EDU>

   I just downloaded and installed Kaffe 1.0b1 on Solaris x86 (thanks to
   this list for the tweaks necessary to make it build!), and I was
   wondering if anybody has plans for building a JDK 1.2 style stack
   inspection security system for Kaffe (or anything else that might go
   into the java.security package, for that matter).

Go for it Dan. I cant think of who else might be better


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