M. Clark mmc at
Tue Aug 4 22:16:19 PDT 1998

> On Tue, 04 Aug 1998, Miles Clark wrote:
> >There's been some talk of releasing the Kaffe 1.0b1-compatible BISS
> >framework (JDE, widgets, etc.) on this list. Any status on this?
> I already posted a patch to make the "official" (BISS) BISS-AWT-0.94
> run with the kaffe AWT (about two weeks ago). Something about a
> biss.awt.List bug, I recall (if you don't have it, I can dig it out
> once more).
> So far, we have done work to enhance the biss-jde for our own purposes
> (as you can see from the screenshot gallery), but we haven't yet
> decided how to distribute this. Eventually, we will end up with a
> Kaffe-specific development system (capable of telling/asking the VM
> about classes to reload, breakpoints, heap contents and all that
> stuff), but there is no schedule for this yet.  Depends on feedback
> and demand.
> -- Peter

I saw the earlier patch on the list, but in that message exchange there
were some hints about a more formal release to follow.

The reason I ask is that I'm considering pouring some effort into the
BISS source code to make it more usable for me, and I didn't want to
duplicate work that had already been done.  

The performance and small footprint of BISS make it attractive as
compared to Swing, and I'm not aware of any other open-source Java GUI
framework as fully developed.  


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