Cygwin32/b19 on WINNT 4.0: some problems:

Sergey Udaltsov svu at
Wed Aug 5 01:16:00 PDT 1998

Dear Kaffe developers

I tryed to build Kaffe 1.0b1 using subj and have found some problems:

1. configure script does not recognize the configuration. I had to use
"--host=i386-unknown-win32/cygnus" option. Is it right?

2. there is no netinet/tcp.h file in Cygwin32 b19, so I had to exclude
corresponding "#include" directive in libraries/clib/net/PlainSocketImpl.c.

3. There is no libraries/clib/management/libmanagement.def file. I've just
copied the file ../math/libmath.def

4. The main problem - case insensitivity under win32. There exist two files
: include/system.h and libraries/clib/native/System.h, so, files

- libraries/clib/native/System.c
- libraries/clib/native/File.c

(and, I suspect, some other files)
cannot be compiled correctly because they contain:

  #include "system.h"

and this directive includes System.h from the current directory. I replaced
it with "../../../include/system.h". Not so good...

5. File config/config-io.h contained strange lines:

#if defined(HAVE_WINSOCK_H)
#define <winsock.h>

Is this right? I have changed it to

#if defined(HAVE_WINSOCK_H)
#include <winsock.h>

but got compilation errors because winsock.h conflicts with sys/socket.h. So
I have just commented these lines. Could you review this?

Unfortunately, I do not have X development envoronment under NT, so I could
not finish building, but I hope my experience can help you. I realize that
Win32 is not important for you but if you are going to support this platform
please could you fix all described above.

Thanks in advance,

Sergey V. Udaltsov

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