kaffeh unconditional debugging output

Archie Cobbs archie at whistle.com
Wed Aug 12 19:24:30 PDT 1998

When I run "kaffeh java.lang.Object" (for example), I get a
bunch of debugging output from findInJar.c, eg.:

  $ kaffeh java.lang.Object
  Central record filename: java/
  Central record filename: java/applet/
  Central record filename: java/applet/Applet.class
  Central record filename: java/applet/AppletContext.class
  Central record filename: java/applet/AppletStub.class
  Central record filename: java/applet/AudioClip.class
  Central record filename: java/awt/
  Central record filename: java/awt/AWTError.class

I see why this happens, it's because "debug.h" has this stuff..

  #else   /* !defined(KAFFEH) */

  /* --- give some simple macros for debugging kaffeh */

  # define DBG(mask, statement)           statement
  # define DBGEXPR(mask, expr, default)   expr
  # define DBGIF(statement)  statement
  /* we don't link with debug.o, so make dprintf a simple printf */
  # define dprintf        printf

So all debugging statements in libkaffevm files included in kaffeh
become unconditional... but why?

Seems like it might be better to define these to NOT display
unconditionally, since debugging output is mainly meant for kaffe.


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