Solaris questions

Godmar Back gback at
Wed Aug 19 12:19:58 PDT 1998

 Hi Mike,

> Ahh..  I see.  Well then, here are two short bug fixes for the
> Runtime.exec stuff.  I'm sorry they weren't generated using patch, since

thanks for the fixes to and UNIXProcess.c.

> I haven't quite figured out how to use it yet (and they are only about 4

Three steps:

1. cp
2. make changes to
3. type "diff -u"

Alternatively, if you backup complete trees, you do a "diff -ru oldtree newtree"

> lines).  There is still one bug left, which is that the file descriptors
> opened to talk to the Process are never closed.  I'll send out a patch
> as soon as I figure out where the file descriptors are actually supposed
> to be closed.

I think they're supposed to be closed either if you close them explicitly
or, absent that, within the finalizer of the stream.  That is, you won't
see them getting closed unless a gc happens; which is either triggered
by a memory allocation or when you call System.gc().

	- Godmar

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