sysdepCallMethod for PA-RISC (fwd)

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Thu Aug 20 00:49:22 PDT 1998


I can convert it to a macro, but:
1) Everybody will have to compile support.c without optimization. This is a
hack too.
2) I want to perfofm some testing on this code. This code is likely to be
changed in the next few days. It is easier to change plain C source.
This code will be converted to a macro as soon as some further tests are
I want to write some special testing program, because following situations
have not been tested:
1) Long or double argument at all positions including those, where it is
about to be split between stack and a register.
2) Big number of arguments.
3) Test running a log time to make sure that interrupts don't destroy
information on stack, especially where the first four arguments are
temporarily stored. I have no idea whether it is legal to use this space.
4) Test for both CallMethodA and CallMethodV. Their behaviour may differ.
5) Test for routines returning float which is taken from memory and is not
converted from double.
The reason why I sent sysdepCallMethod yesterday is that I want to get
comments from people as soon as possible.

Pavel Roskin <pavel.roskin at>

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