makeJava - directory expansion and remapping added

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Tue Aug 25 11:29:17 PDT 1998


Unfortunately, my previous version of makeJava has problems with
srcdir!='.' and with compiling of separate files. This version fixes these
bugs. It is also possible to specify directories in the command line. For
example, "makeJava java/lang" will find all java sources in
$srcdir/java/lang and subdirectories.
I have tested this version fairly well, so it should be Ok to put it on the
CVS. Anyway, all functionality of the old makeJava is completely retained,
so I see no reason why it should not be done.
'-unsafe' is no longer required when compiling java/awt/widget, since I
introduced directory remapping for output files.
Now "makeJava all" really compiles the library.
Currently it works under Cygwin32 only if JAVAC_CP is redefined, because
Kaffe (erroneously?) doesn't accept colon as classpath separator under

Pavel Roskin <pavel.roskin at>

(See attached file: makeJava)
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