Working kaffe on SGI Irix6.3! (fwd)

Lee Iverson leei at
Tue Aug 25 15:34:09 PDT 1998

Godmar's just checked in a change I proposed whereby if gcc is found
it is used for the shared library linker (see in the
current CVS sources).

Something like this is definitely needed on SGI Irix 6.x where the ABI
default of ld and gcc are different.  Moreover, gcc may generate
references to libgcc.a which should be closed against a shared library
on creation.

But as Godmar pointed out to me, doing this will override a user's
selection of LD from the environment.  Anyone who's faced this in
other project's got a better solution.

The code in question (

dnl =========================================================================
dnl Lee Iverson  <leei at Canada.AI.SRI.COM> says:
dnl For building shared libraries.  'gcc -shared' may pass extra argumets
dnl to ld that are necessary to link a shared library.  For example, on
dnl the SGI machines we need specify 'ld -n32' and also include libgcc.a
dnl in the shared library link in order to ensure that it is properly
dnl closed.
dnl -------------------------------------------------------------------------
if test "$GCC" = "yes"; then LD="$CC"; fi

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