Working kaffe on SGI Irix6.3! (fwd)

Godmar Back gback at
Tue Aug 25 15:42:32 PDT 1998

Well, should we rather add LD=$ac_cv_prog_CC to 
config/mips/irix5/config.frag instead?

> Godmar's just checked in a change I proposed whereby if gcc is found
> it is used for the shared library linker (see in the
> current CVS sources).
> Something like this is definitely needed on SGI Irix 6.x where the ABI
> default of ld and gcc are different.  Moreover, gcc may generate
> references to libgcc.a which should be closed against a shared library
> on creation.
> But as Godmar pointed out to me, doing this will override a user's
> selection of LD from the environment.  Anyone who's faced this in
> other project's got a better solution.
> The code in question (
> dnl =========================================================================
> dnl Lee Iverson  <leei at Canada.AI.SRI.COM> says:
> dnl
> dnl For building shared libraries.  'gcc -shared' may pass extra argumets
> dnl to ld that are necessary to link a shared library.  For example, on
> dnl the SGI machines we need specify 'ld -n32' and also include libgcc.a
> dnl in the shared library link in order to ensure that it is properly
> dnl closed.
> dnl -------------------------------------------------------------------------
> if test "$GCC" = "yes"; then LD="$CC"; fi
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Lee Iverson     		SRI International
> leei at			333 Ravenswood Ave., Menlo Park CA 94025
>	(650) 859-3307

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