HOWTO: getting BISS-JDE to run.

Peter C. Mehlitz peter at
Wed Aug 26 10:20:00 PDT 1998

>Now try and figure out how it all works!  Any clues, Peter??

Usually, you start this up via biss.jde.LibBrowser. The whole thing used to be
controlled via property files (~/.biss/ and
~/.biss/, which should come with the packages. The most
important one is biss.jde.SrcRoots, which is a list of dirs which should be
scanned for sources (recursively). I'm not sure if command line parameters (to
override these defaults) already were in 0.94, so you should adapt the property

This should bring up the LibBrowser, with a hierarchical list of dirs and
compile units. To open up a CUBrowser (aka class broser), simply double click
on a file entry (in the lower pane). Well, there is much more, but this should
get you going.. I remember the last postscript docu had a part dealing with the
JDE, so you might check the BISS site for it (maybe they still have a online

-- Peter

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