HOWTO: getting BISS-JDE to run.

Stephen Crane jsc at
Wed Aug 26 10:06:21 PDT 1998

Hello world,
Well, it's not easy, but there *is* enough information out there to get
the BISS-JDE working.  Here's what I had to do.

For this you will need:
* An installed kaffe 1.0, with X11 and libjpeg support. 
  (I used today's (26/8) snapshot.)
* and biss-jde-0_94(1).zip
* Sun's  I used the one from the win32 jdk1.1.6
* Patience (unless you have a fast link to the 'net, o tempora, o mores)

The Method:
* Create a directory somewhere (I used /home/scrane/java); unzip biss-awt
  and biss-jde into it.  Set your CLASSPATH.  Mine looks like:

	% printenv CLASSPATH

* Follow Peter's instructions from his message entitled "Re: BISS JDE ?"
  The file to be edited is, on my machine, 
  (My copy of this file requires line 268, not 272, to be patched.)

* Compile this file:

* Copy ScrollablePane.class to the right place:
	cp ScrollablePane.class ../../../lib/biss/awt/

Now try and figure out how it all works!  Any clues, Peter??  (You can
grep for "static void main" in the sources, but since there's a lot of
code-generation this is not as helpful as it might otherwise have been.)
The most meaningful thing I could find was CUViewer.  Strangely enough, 
Jde.class has no main!


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