Success with current CVS on MIPS SGI Irix 6.3

Archie Cobbs archie at
Wed Aug 26 15:18:12 PDT 1998

Edwin Foo writes:
> At 10:29 PM 8/26/98 +0100, Stefan Burstroem wrote:
> >Yes, but not all of us have a fully working environment. I don't have
> >enough memory to rebuild all class files and if I had, I am not even sure
> >they would pass the compilation.
> >I'd be very happy if I could download the latest klasses.jar from the
> >repository.
> I have to throw in my vote there as well -- I am working with kaffe in an
> embedded controller, and making me recompile klasses.jar on my host machine
> and then downloading it to the board would be a real pain, to say the
> least. I cannot compile it on my target environment because of a lack of
> memory as well.

Fair enough.. theory and practice do not always agree... :-)

Soe at least, the "nightly build script" should be fixed to
rebuild and checkin Klasses.jar if possible.


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