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Godmar Back gback at
Wed Dec 2 11:03:57 PST 1998


> Has anyone tried to remake Klasses.jar?  When I try "make derived-classes"
> from the top of the tree, I get an error from the class
> kaffe.applet.AppletViewer complaining that there is no class "Font".  The
> offending line is:
> 	state.setFont(new Font("SansSerif", Font.BOLD, 12));
> If you add a line to the top of of the file:
> import java.awt.Font;

 This was fixed 11/26.

> it seems to fix that problem.  But now I'm getting an error after the
> Klasses.jar is totally compiled.  It looks like the jar file is supposed to
> be zipped, but there is no "zip" (or at least one on a defined PATH).  I'm
> guessing that "zip" should really be a script in /usr/local/bin which calls
> kaffe with the "zip" class invoked (in the same way that pizza is invoked
> in the "pizza" script).  Is this a known problem?  Or am I just missing
> something?

 No, you need to have 'zip' installed.  Here's what I use:

> zip -v
Copyright (C) 1990-1996 Mark Adler, Richard B. Wales, Jean-loup Gailly
Onno van der Linden and Kai Uwe Rommel. Type 'zip -L' for the software License.
This is Zip 2.1 (April 27th 1996), by Info-ZIP.
Currently maintained by Onno van der Linden. Please send bug reports to
the authors at Zip-Bugs at; see README for details.

Latest sources and executables are always in, at
least as of date of this release; See "Where" for other ftp and non-ftp sites.

Compiled with gcc for Unix (FreeBSD 2.0 or later) on May 17 1997.

Zip special compilation options:

Zip environment options:
             ZIP:  [none]
          ZIPOPT:  [none]

	- Godmar

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