Derived Classes

Ron Searls rsearls at
Wed Dec 2 11:03:05 PST 1998

Has anyone tried to remake Klasses.jar?  When I try "make derived-classes"
from the top of the tree, I get an error from the class
kaffe.applet.AppletViewer complaining that there is no class "Font".  The
offending line is:

	state.setFont(new Font("SansSerif", Font.BOLD, 12));

If you add a line to the top of of the file:

import java.awt.Font;

it seems to fix that problem.  But now I'm getting an error after the
Klasses.jar is totally compiled.  It looks like the jar file is supposed to
be zipped, but there is no "zip" (or at least one on a defined PATH).  I'm
guessing that "zip" should really be a script in /usr/local/bin which calls
kaffe with the "zip" class invoked (in the same way that pizza is invoked
in the "pizza" script).  Is this a known problem?  Or am I just missing


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