Add all jar in CLASSPATH

Maksim Lin maksim at
Thu Dec 3 17:57:43 PST 1998

My 2c worth:

Short of having a proper db to manage jars, having one or more
directories where jars/zips can be dumped is a useful idea, saves quite
a bit of hassle and as far as I can tell is what jdk1.2 does with the
javax thing.

Having a kafferc would also be nice to be able to set these directories
and possibly other options.

Sort of along this topic, I think it might be a good idea to keep things
as neat as possible so that 2 or more jvms can co-exist.  Personally I
have both the jdk & kaffe & planning on looking into japhar as well -
managing 3 different jvm's+their associated is getting to be
quite fiddly (ie. lots of custom shell scripts).


Bryan Mann wrote:
> On Thu, 3 Dec 1998, Archie Cobbs wrote:
> > Godmar Back writes:
> > > > The following patch add all ZIP and JAR from KAFFE_CLASSDIR in
> > > > CLASSPATH.
> > >
> > >  Do we really want that?
> [deleted...]
> > This is my personal opinion -- I can't say what's best for "the world".
> >
> > I have included a similar patch in my own version of kaffe for a long time.
> > The reason is simple: it allows you to take any JAR or ZIP file off the
> > net (eg, SableCC), dump it into /usr/local/share/kaffe, and have it work!
> > No fussing with CLASSPATH, etc. Totally analogous to putting something
> > into /usr/local/bin, etc.
> >
> Archie,
> Here's what I think:
> -  Have a 'site-wide' dumping ground that sysadmins or software installs
>    manage, like /usr/local/share/kaffe/jars.  Anything dumped there
>    gets automatically appended after processing the user's jars
>    (see below).
> -  Allow users the same benefit where I can have $HOME/kaffe/jars because
>    as a lowly user I may not have the perms to dump jars into /usr/local...
> Does this beg for a .kafferc?  Hmmm.
> Bryan.
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