Patch to allow rebuilding with jikes

Artur Biesiadowski abies at
Sat Dec 5 06:23:43 PST 1998

While waiting to update Klasses.jar from CVS I wondered how long it will
take to rebuild it with jikes. Unfortunately it required a small patch
which I include with this mail. This shows few things:

1) pizza compiler is buggy
2) kaffe relies on it and is not conforming to sun specs

Real problem lies in fact that some methods of event classes are
protected and accessed from outside of package (and not from
subclasses). I've change these methods to public.

Regardless of fact if they are public or protected, they do not exist in
sun spec. So either event access has to be reworked or kaffe will not
conform to sun standard.


Recompiling with jikes takes about 10s - a lot faster than downloading
Klasses.jar from net in my case. Could they be made available in
separate package instead of CVS ?
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