Gerhard Paulus gpaulus at stud.uni-frankfurt.de
Tue Dec 22 11:13:18 PST 1998

Hi folks,

I'm new here so I want to say "Hello" to everybody and to Peter Mehlitz
particular. I met him at German JAVADAYS and after that decided to give
Kaffe a try. There seem to be some smart people behind Kaffe <g> and I
the concept.

I am working on an GNU GPL open source project called Jacob.
It's the prototype for an all Java object oriented database with IDE. I
changed the GUI part of Jacob so that it can be put to practical use
with Kaffe/Linux and Sun's VM/Win32. But it proved difficult because
are a number of bugs / anomalies in Kaffe.

Please download the sources for Jacob and supporting files from this


It's ca. 500 KB and must be decompressed with

        jar xvf Jacob.zip

I listed the bugs in the file Kaffe.bugs which also shows how to
reproduce them.
Please read DBDev.help as a quick start to test the IDE and the database
Most GUI windows have a Help button which will display a help text.

Please compile the .java sources with -nowarn flag or you see exactly
100 warnings <g>.
You can start the IDE with

kaffe DBDev       // for command window and editing/compiling .java

You can test the database GUI (Browse, Navigator, Edit, Form designer,
Property sheet, Image editor) with

kaffe Suite all   // simple regression test builds small database for
Person class
kaffe Suite 13   // starts Browse of Person objects and leads to all GUI

Please keep in mind that I'm working with a German setting (keyboard,
which might explain some problems I encountered with keyPressed() and
I'm also pretty new to Linux <g>. As window manager I used fvwm95. And I
Kaffe from scratch (no precompiled libaries) with a libc5 system.

Please test the GUI also on a Win32 system with Sun's VM to see the
You need the pizza compiler classes installed to use the IDE.
And you must recompile DBTextEdit.java with Sun's compiler if you have
it with pizza. Otherwise Sun's VM will immediately crash when you start
the IDE.

I really would like to see Jacob working properly with Kaffe on Linux.
Right now this is difficult. In particular I had to disable all
objects where the canvas child components never fire mouse events.
And Kaffe just doesn't accept the .gif files which the image editor

But then again, I'm optimistic these bugs can be fixed ...

Best wishes,

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