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Xavier Pianet xavier at
Tue Dec 22 04:47:06 PST 1998

Hi again

I only subscribed a few days ago and thought that the list was not 
really active but i can see i was wrong. nice to know

>For one thing, if you're going to be developing like this you
>should get your code directly from the repository using CVS.
>You can get read-only access via this CVSROOT:
>  :pserver:readonly at
>  $ CVSROOT=:pserver:readonly at
>  $ export CVSROOT
>  $ cvs checkout -P kaffe
>Then you can submit your patches as diff's against the current source.
it's actually comming right now while i answer the mail, thanks for the 
macil lines (forgot the login....)

>In any case, 1.0b3 is ancient history.
Couldn't figure this out from what i read, sorry, i should have asked 
before obviously but...

>> I also have a question about autoconf, i got it from GeekGadgets on 
>> BeOS, what arguments should i pass to it ?. right now i made a 
>No arguments needed. Just say "autoconf" to regenerate configure
I will try that then.

>> configure and modified slightly the config.status to setup all 
>> makefiles.
>?? config.status is a generated file:.
Yes i know but it was the easyest way i found to regenerate all the 
makefiles without reconfiguring every thing. (most of the time i 
reconfigured with new include, it takes a while to have it done so it 
was a kind of shortcut)

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