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Archie Cobbs archie at
Mon Dec 21 19:22:44 PST 1998

Xavier Pianet writes:
> I was wondering if there was any-one working on a BeOS port of Kaffe.
> I downloaded the last release yesterday (kaffe-1.0.b3 not the snapshot) 
> on the net and 
> after a few hours, i managed to have a complete make (actually even ./
> configure) that build on BeOS.

Pretty cool!

>  but as soon as it starts, i end up with 
> It's not ThreadDeath, and there's no exception handler.
>  This is something I cannot handle.
> Abort

For one thing, if you're going to be developing like this you
should get your code directly from the repository using CVS.
You can get read-only access via this CVSROOT:

  :pserver:readonly at


  $ CVSROOT=:pserver:readonly at
  $ export CVSROOT
  $ cvs checkout -P kaffe

Then you can submit your patches as diff's against the current source.

In any case, 1.0b3 is ancient history.

> I also have a question about autoconf, i got it from GeekGadgets on 
> BeOS, what arguments should i pass to it ?. right now i made a 

No arguments needed. Just say "autoconf" to regenerate configure

> configure and modified slightly the config.status to setup all 
> makefiles.

?? config.status is a generated file:.


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