RMI support?

Gerhard Paulus gpaulus at stud.uni-frankfurt.de
Sat Dec 26 10:48:38 PST 1998

Hello Christopher,

if you are interested in RMI you might have a look at Weblogic's RMI
implementation :


They claim to have a drop-in RMI replacement which is more efficient and
faster then Sun's reference implementation.

I looked at RMI in JDK 1.1.3 or so because I thought it might be useful
design a distributed OODBMS. At that time I had the impression that
implementation is really limited if you want to allow a large number of
exported objects. Any client seems to open a socket connection for each
every exported object s/he is working with. For a small number of
that's OK but what if an application needs more then the available
number of
ports  and for some reason you cannot split the application between
servers ?

Anyway,  for the OODBMS  (Jacob) I decided to implement a messenging
based on raw sockets.


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