RMI support?

Tom Gall tom_gall at VNET.IBM.COM
Tue Dec 29 08:47:09 PST 1998

> Excerpts from Kaffe: 29-Dec-98 Re: RMI support? Christopher
> Smith at envise (1194*)

> Tom Gall wrote:
> >
> > Alexandre Oliva wrote:
> > > On Dec 23, 1998, Christopher Smith <cbsmith at envise.com> wrote:
> > > > I'll check which classes. I seem to recall it was the
> sun.io.* classes. I
> > > > was using the version IBM provides to patch Microsoft's VM.
> Perhaps there
> > > > is another version without such problems?
> > > Maybe the same ByteConverter stuff that makes HotJava not 100%
> Pure
> > > Java :-(
> > It's more than that. Some of the implementation of RMI is native
> methods that
> > needto do some inspection of objects as well as pickling and the
> like. These
> > methods are not
> > hard to write but you've got to be pretty knowledgeable in the
> full RMI
> > interworkings
> > as well as the deep down details of objects inside of the JVM.
> > Sun has an RMI spec that has enough of the information in it one
> can figure it
> > all out.
> I'm pretty familiar with RMI, and I can't think of anything that
> requires native methods. The reflective API's gives you solid
> knowledge
> of any object, and the serialization API gives you 90% of what you
> need.
> Furthermore, my understanding of the various RMI.ZIP's that are
> out
> there for MS's VM are actually the same class files that sun was
> distributing.


It's not RMI proper where the native methods come into play. It's the 
serialization process as I remember. I've had to do this a couple of
ago on a JVM of mine that used the base JDK class files. Like Kaffe it
was a from the ground up implementation of java...

Like I said, if you have the specs on hand and you know the object model
the JVM it's not hard.  I seem to remember the biggest bug a boo was the
pickling and unpickling process. 

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