static executable w/DLL's

Dirk Grunwald grunwald at
Thu Dec 31 18:21:58 PST 1998

>>>>> "GB" == Godmar Back <gback at> writes:
GB> If you would want to implement this, it would be very welcome.  In
GB> the extreme, you would want to be able to specify for every single
GB> library whether it should be linked statically or not.  Grouping
GB> zip, net, native, io, etc. in "native libraries" may be too
GB> coarse-grained.

Cool, I'll probably do this tomorrow. The problem that I have is that
I want a compact executable, and I'm only using a small part of e.g.,
the GRX graphics library.

I'm also find that in my environment (modified linux 2.0.30 kernel on
an itsy plam-top computer, but roughly equiv to a strongarm
netwinder), it's very difficult to debug DLL's.

If the application calls a symbol that hasn't been resolved (perhaps
because of a missing symbol or version conflict), the application just
dies w/o warning. Very hard to debug particularly since GDB sucks on
the netwinder.

At the moment, pop-up menus crash my Java system when using DLL's, but
not when using statically linked libraries. Ah life.

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