Remote Method Invocation (RMI)

Russell Olsen olsen at
Tue Dec 1 14:48:27 PST 1998

>>	Where does/will RMI appear on Kaffe's roadmap?  I am specifying software

Sometime within the next six months--perhaps a little sooner if we pay for it.

>>	that uses RMI to exchange objects (among other operations) between a
>>	diverse field of java service agents in an unusual environment.  I need to
>>	know that a solid RMI for Kaffe will appear in the near future, and that

As I've said many times before, RMI wasn't within the original scope of work.  
The first step was/is getting an affordable VM running with the core libraries.
At the moment, we're on track to have this accomplished (for n4) prior to 
Christmas. In addition, it looks like we now have a reasonable possibility of 
getting RMI sometime this Spring, but since this package is a new implementation, 
it likely will not be "solid".  Undoubtedly, it will introduce a number of 
challenges, especially with respect to Plan-9 integration, that will take time 
to overcome.

I strongly recommend that you have a backup plan that minimizes your dependence 
on RMI, at least in the short run.  Otherwise, you expose yourself to not being 
able to have anything at all.  Later you can migrate to a system that relies more 
heavily on RMI, as this capability becomes available.


>>	there are N developers working on it who can answer questions about it.

>>	Michael

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