Questions about running Kaffe on LINUX using SA-1100

brennon loh cwclohyh at
Tue Dec 1 20:36:04 PST 1998

hi all,

I'm from Centre for Wireless Communications (CWC), Singapore.  I am 
very interested to work on Kaffe for my centre's research project.

Here's my project platform :
A stand alone embedded system using the Linux OS on a StrongARM 
(SA-1100) processor. 

It will support (among others) a audio I/O and a active TFT touch-screen LCD,
PCMICA and IrDA etc.

A native applications using ONLY Kaffe OpenVM interfaces to communicate
with the OS (Linux) and the reset of the hardware.

The platform will have a basic native AWT layer (like a Hardware Abstraction
Layer) supporting the Kaffe's AWT graphics library.  It will be the GRX v2.3
graphic library ( there will not be any X windowing system, like X or  Win32 etc).

Here's a few questions that urgently need attention :
1) Is such a software architecture (mentioned above) realistic ??

2) approximatley how much of development effort is required to port Kaffe onto my
     project platform ??

3)  what are the available specifications and APIs for Kaffe ??

4)  do I need the native AWT layer (mentioned above) ??
      If yes,  how should I interface with the Kaffe's AWT graphics layer ?? 
      i.e. what sort of support should my native AWT layer (mentioned above)
      implement ??

5)  my platform is going to support only a flat frame-buffer display memory,
      what kind of frame-buffer management should be supported & implemented ?? 

thanx all 

best regards.
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