Kiev & out-of-memory

Godmar Back gback at
Sat Dec 5 16:56:06 PST 1998

> Hello.
> BTW, I've asked a question here. about two months ago, about memory.
> Kiev compiler still can't compile under kaffe because of OutOfMemory,
> but it usually takes less memory then javac...
> I'd like to reask this question again - how to profile or check out
> the reason of this enormouse memory usage? Also, since kiev
> is uder GPL now, is it possible to obtaine help from you? Since,
> having sources, you have a chance to find it yourselfs, if it's something
> obvious...

I just glanced at that thread from Sep.  From reading it, it wasn't clear
to me whether Kiev ran out of memory when trying to compile something
or whether pizza, the javac replacement that ships with Kaffe, ran out
of memory when trying to compile Kiev.  If the latter, does it happen
when you give all files to pizza at the same time, or does it happen
even if you tell it to only compile a single file?

There have been improvements to Kaffe since then, so I'd encourage you
to try it again.

In any event, be aware of the -mx and -ms command line switches.
Also, on some systems make sure you 'unlimit' so that the OS doesn't
impose some limit kaffe doesn't know about.

	kaffe -ms 8m -mx 64m pizza.compiler.Main kiev/*.java
and also
	kaffe -verbosegc -ms 8m -mx 64m pizza.compiler.Main kiev/*.java

(or kaffe -verbosegc -ms 8m -mx 64m kiev.Main *.java, depending on what 
the problem is.) and see what that gives.

	- Godmar

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