Problems with Kaffe 1.0b3 on Redhat 5.2

Archie Cobbs archie at
Mon Dec 14 10:18:35 PST 1998

Damascene Joachimpillai writes:
> I have been successfully using the kaffe1.0b2 on my machine. I
> upgraded it to the 1.0b3 and things seems to fall apart. I am not
> doing any SWING based stuff.  I am just using plain AWT components.
> Also I was trying to compile and run a little application with
> JMF1.1 stuff. But this plain fails. The compiler works fine though
> - because I can start the class by using the Java port for linux.
> However, I prefer to work with kaffe. If someone can shed some
> light on how I can get it to work that would be great.

Since kaffe is always changing, try the latest code snapshot
and see if it performs any better.

Also, to debug a problem please send more details about what
is going wrong .. 'this plain fails' is not enough to work with :-)


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