Compiling kaffe on win32

pmondon pmondon at
Sun Dec 27 08:58:40 PST 1998

Hello, i'm a new user of the mailing list.

I wanted to compile the kaffe-snap from the Decembre 27 on win98.

The ./configure works.

But the make command fails.

Here is my configuration :
    - I'm using the tools from cygnus for win32 => version 20b3 ( i
think ?? )
    - I have no classpath.
    - I used : ./configure --prefix=c:/kaffe
    - The curent dir of my kaffe distribution is c:/kaffe-snap

The error message :
It seems that the error arrives when creating the java_lang_Cloneable.h
file with kaffeh.exe  :
[main] C:\KAFFE-SNAP\KAFFE\KAFFEH\KAFFEH.EXE 9562 (0) handle_exceptions:
[main] KAFFEH 9562 (0) handle_exceptions: Dumping stack trace to

Does any one have any response for that problem.



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