ActionEvents, uneditable TextComponents

Leston Buell leston at
Wed Dec 30 12:03:26 PST 1998

For some reason, besides the expected ENTER key, Shift-8 (asterisk) and
no other key triggers an ActionEvent within a TextComponent. Also,
typing SEMICOLON, mysteriously clears a TextField without firing an
ActionEvent. Elsewhere, a TextComponent set to uneditable disable normal
character keys, but not DELETE, BACKSPACE, TAB, and ENTER.

I've posted a little program that demonstrates these bugs:

Compile it and try it yourself. I am running Kaffe, beta2, on RedHat
Linux 5.1. I had the same problems whether i compiled the code with
kaffe or with guavac. I browsed through the archives, but still don't
know if this bug has been documented, or even whether it was fixed in
beta3. (¿Could someone please inform me if they know?)

Happy holidays from Los Angeles,

Leston Buell
bulbul at

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