Kaffe for BeOS R4 -- progress made

alanlb at access.rrinc.com alanlb at access.rrinc.com
Wed Dec 30 14:50:55 PST 1998

Hello, folks!

I've made additions and modifications to the current code base and have
been able to get Kaffe mostly working (statically linked, gcblock=hash,
interpreted mode, no AWT).

The good news is that the resulting executable passed most of the
regression tests, with the exception of TestFloatDouble, which was
ignored; and ProcessTest, UDPTest and Overflow, which failed outright.

The bad news is that BeOS R4 neither provides getsockopt() (which I faked
with a stub that returns -1 and sets errno to ENOSYS), nor does it support
asynchronous socket notifications, SIGIO and SIGVTALRM, the related code
to which I simply commented out ^_^  I believe the latter failings
resulted directly in the ProcessTest and UDPTest failures, as CPU
utilization went all the way down to idling.  The Overflow test caused a
segmentation violation, which ought to be fixable.

According to Be, the next release of the operating system should provide a
less incomplete socket implementation.

By the way, sockets on BeOS are *not* file descriptors.

BeOS doesn't support the mmap() family at all.

I was successful in creating a dynamically-linked executable, but it
failed to run and complained about a missing library (probably libz, which
is available as a static lib only).

I'll generate the relevant diffs and post them later.


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