Problems with 0.9.2 on PC/Cygwin32

Tony Juricic tonko at
Mon Feb 23 20:40:27 PST 1998

Some time ago I posted email about compiling Kaffe on
PC Windows/Cygwin32 system.

It works both for 0.9.1 and 0.9.2 with the following differences:

- 0.9.1 works with most demo programs except some thread samples
- 0.9.2 has Windows segmentation fault on simplest programs like

Recently I managed to learn enough of GDB to point the source code
that causes the problem. It goes like this:

Module baseClasses.c calls initialiseKaffe(). This function calls initThreads().
initThreads() calls createDaemon(&finaliserMan, "finaliser) because
GC_ENABLE is defined. This function calls THREAD_CREATE
which produces segmentation fault in module thread-internal.c, function
reschedule(void), line:

/* I might be dying */
if ( (TCTX(lastThread)->flags & THREAD_FLAGS_KILLED) != 0
     && blickInte == 1)

Any ideas why this happens?



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