[ANNOUCEMENT] Kaffe: The future

John D. Gwinner gwinner at northnet.org
Mon Feb 23 19:34:09 PST 1998

>Enough said - now it is your turn. Please let us know about your point
>of view, whether you have questions about the license, want to contribute
>work for the free system, think of sponsoring, are interested in commercial
>work, or think of some other kind of cooperation.

I'm a software developer working on a VRML 2.0 'browser', but not in the
traditional sense like CosmoPlayer or WorldView (my products do 3D desktops
and data visualization, not just browsing content others create).  It's an
outgrowth of software I've been developing for CompuServe, modified to work
with the Web.  Because VRML 2.0 uses Java for "Heaving Lifting" script
requirements (ECMAScript for lighter weight scripting), I've practically
*got* to include some form of Java.

Sun has recently changed their policy toward redistribution of their
binaries and their JNI.  I'm not sure yet how this affects me, in the sense
of a shrink wrapped program that uses Java, not written *in* Java.  Kaffe,
for a long time, was my only option.

I'm developing for PC's (Win95) and Mac's primarily; consumer level
machines.  I don't know yet how that affects Kaffe; it sounds like this gets
me in trouble, licensing wise.

        == John ==

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