[ANNOUCEMENT] Kaffe: The future

Michael R. Harper mikihasa at worldnet.att.net
Wed Feb 25 01:57:30 PST 1998

First of all, I hope you guys become millionares.

I have said from the beginning (a whole 6 months ago) that I would be willing to
pay for Java support under BSDI 3.1.  Was this prophetic?  Is BSDI on the list of
commercial operating systems that will now require commercial licensing?  I am a
small business, and I will need to know this so I can include it in the budget for
this year.

I have no present need to modify your Kaffe VM in any way, except getting the
nonfunctioning net and zip (and hence jdb and jar) libraries to work under BSDI.  I
suppose the version sans source will be for me.  Can I get it compiled (how else
would I get binaries?) for my particular operating system to avoid all of the
problems I have had with this seemingly simple task?  If so, can I include
"plug-ins" like Cryptix without incurring any additional cost (or litigation) from
you?  Hey, you could make it really easy for me and plug this free security add-on
in to Kaffe.  Check out:


if you have not done so already.  Actually, this is probably out of the question
due to the large foreign following that Kaffe has.  We wouldn't want any munitions
leaving the country hidden in Kaffe--but I digress...

Good luck on your endeavor.


Michael R. Harper
mikihasa at worldnet.att.net

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