gc_??? functions

Vanholst Danny vanholst at imec.be
Thu Feb 5 02:06:07 PST 1998

Hi all,

Who can my explain the difference between the follewing functions

        gc_malloc               \
        gc_free                 |
        gc_malloc_fixed         |       gc-incremental.c file
        gc_realloc_fixed        |       
        gc_attach               |
        gc_reattach             /

        gc_heap_malloc          \
        gc_heap_free            |       gc-men.c file
        gc_heap_isobject        /       

Which are garbage collected and which don't? 
When the heap management is based on the sbrk function via the define
HAVE_SBRK. Why use KAFFE still the functions malloc and calloc in the
files Class.c, ClassLoader.c, File.c, main.c and Array.c.


Danny Vanholst				vanholst at imec.be

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