[Q] AWT for kaffe 0.9.2, especially epfl AWT or biss AWT.

Yuji Nimura nimura at arc.isl.melco.co.jp
Mon Feb 23 21:47:16 PST 1998

Is there any available AWT for kaffe 0.9.2 ?
Does anybody have successfully on eplf AWT or biss AWT with
kaffe 0.9.2 ?

I know that README of kaffe 0.9.2 tells the current kaffe
does not work with AWT and that the next release of kaffe
will work fine with AWT, but I want to get available AWT
with kaffe 0.9.2 before the next release of kaffe if
possible. It is enough for me to support only basic
functions of AWT.

I did a little try on biss AWT 0.9.1 and epfl AWT 0.9.1 with
kaffe 0.9.2.
# My developing environment is HP-UX 10.20 with HP-CC.

At first, I worked on biss AWT 0.9.1 with kaffe 0.9.2. One
C-file (I forgot its name) of biss AWT could not be compiled
by a symtax problem. I tried to fix it, but too complex
MACRO definition was used and I could not fix it.
I have stopped working on biss AWT.

Instead of biss AWT, I am working on eplf AWT 0.9.1 with
kaffe 0.9.2 now.

Compling eplf AWT was success, but 1st linking kaffe was
failed because there is no kaffe_awt_simple_NativeDisplay_
setcursorType() function which is called from
in kaffe_awt_simple_NativeDisplay.c.

It is hard for me to write the function kaffe_awt_...
_setcursorType() because I don't know the specification of
it, so I simply modify kaffe_awt_simple_NativeDisplay.c to
make Kaffe_kaffe_awt_..._setcursorType_stub() not to call
As the result of this modification, I got a excutable file
of kaffe with eplf AWT, but it does not work fine.

Running kaffe made by the above way with a simple java
program (java application) using a frame, it prints the
following messages and then stops forever (it seems waiting
events from X-windows);

        at java/awt/Font.initializeFont(105)
        at java/awt/Font.<init>(119)
        at kaffe/awt/simple/NativeGraphics.<init>(34)
        at kaffe/awt/simple/SimpleComponentPeer.<init>(61)

What does java.lang.AbstractMethodError mean under above
situation ?
I have no sources of sawt.zip which is a class library for
eplf AWT and I am not familier with X-window programming.
I have no clue to debug it.

How do I debug it ?
If I would write the function kaffe_awt_..._setcursorType(),
would it work fine ? Where can I get its specification ?

Is it better to stop working and to wait the next release of
kaffe than to continue working ?

Any information around above is welcome.

Thanks in advance,

Yuji Nimura (nimura at arc.isl.melco.co.jp)

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