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Omar I. Marquez Merceron omar at infomed.sld.cu
Tue Feb 24 10:29:44 PST 1998

Hi all!

Q1: I'm using kaffe on a i586 with Red Hat 4.2 soon 5.0 , till now I have
used jdk_static_1.1.4 for Linux, and the question is, can I use the
classes.zip file of this jdk with kaffe ? if so, why I get a "Bad magic
number" message when I try to do it?

Q2: When I do
	Runtime.getRuntime().exec( "something" );
I get the following message 
 java.Lang.UNIXProcess:run not implemented

I wonder why I get this message, is 'cause the implementation of java.Lang
is not complete ? If so, there is any body working on it ? ... unix exec
semantic is very known, and not so hard to implement

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