[ANNOUCEMENT] Kaffe: The future

Rob Mayoff mayoff at dqd.com
Wed Feb 25 12:02:44 PST 1998

|   One more IMHO very important point, the Netscape thing ! To put it in a
| nutshell, Netscape code will be out 31th of March, but without a Java V.M.
| (they can't ship it in source .. Sun licensing problem !). So they are
| defining what they call the OpenJava API to plug any Java VM into their
| browser. This is definitely something we should look at when it's ready

For Kaffe to work as the Netscape JVM, we'd need an AWT implementation
that can talk to Netscape's UI infrastructure.  That will definitely
take some work, unless Netscape gives away their AWT implementation (in
which case we can just modify it to work with Kaffe's native method

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